Writers of the Future Q1 2010

Honorable mention. Again.  About all there is to say about that.  I keep joking with people that I’m going to make it as a writer “the hard way”, ie never winning a contest, never getting into one of the big workshops.  Who knows, I might actually end up having to do that.  Hell, I’ve got contingency plans for if I’ve written 20-30 novels and they never sell to NY.  It could very well end up I do this whole damn thing the hardest way possible. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I’m not even close to that point yet.  This week I’m giving in to my brain’s desire to write five novels at the same time.  Well, the five that it will let me outline.  Sindra’s Storm is being back-burnered until it grows a cohesive form.  Take that, novel.  I’m hoping that as I get going on the various projects that one will take over.  But worse comes to worse, I’ll have five novels done in the next few months.  It’s not as much work as it sounds like.  I imagine three out of the five will be short novels, one possibly very short since I’m going to try writing it as a middle grade.  So even being written much at the same time, the finishing dates should stagger out nicely.

I also am going to try to work in more short story writing time.  I’m feeling incredibly poor, and as my father always said, poor is motivating.  The more work out to markets, the more likely I am to get a sale.  Never thought I’d empathize with Dickens.  Life is full of surprises.

Also, my blog seems to be doing weird things.  Catagories and links are apparently missing, but yet they show up in my admin pages.  Sigh.  Not going to worry about it right now.  Hopefully Word Press will get around to fixing whatever is broken.

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  1. kanearts

    How long have you been entering the contest? This quarter (2nd quarter) was my first entry, and I am working on my third-quarter story now.

    It would be pretty disheartening to enter into the contest year after year, never winning; I hope that doesn’t happen, to either of us. But getting published professionally elsewhere wouldn’t be a curse, I suppose.

    • izanobu

      Hey, Kanearts, thanks for posting 🙂 Good luck with your Q2 entry.

      My first entry was last year for Q3, so Q2 is my 4th time. So far I’ve gotten three HMs.

      I figure with the numbers of entries they get plus the content of what I write, I’m more likely to DQ through sales elsewhere than win. After all, I only get four chances a year to win, while I get as many chances as I have stories out (23 plus a novel at the moment, not counting my WotF story) to make a pro sale. So I think my odds of getting three pro sales are better than my odds of winning.

      Good luck to you, hope that kinda made sense 🙂


  2. Alex J. Kane

    That makes perfect sense.

    Depending on the subject matter of your work and its appeal to the personal preferences of the judges for WotF, I’d say that you’re probably very correct–there are many, many markets (not as many as we’d like there to be, but…); Writers of the Future is only one of them. It just happens to be the most generous one, generally.

    Good luck to you as well.


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