Writing Projects Update

I think I’m going to do quasi-monthly updates on what I’m doing so I can later see what my progress looks like.

Right now I’m working on/time to completion:

Dangerous novel rewrite/2-3 months.  Word count: 0

Poetry chapbook for school funding/next week.

Monsters short story revision /next two weeks.

Delilah short story revision for S&S maybe/next week.

Aefryr short story revision (for S&S maybe?)/next two weeks.

Some Like it Hot short story revision (for S&S maybe?)/next two weeks.

Projects that will be started and/or finished in 2008:

Bad Day graphic novel (the written part at least, we’ll see how Law School treats my artist).

Past Dark graphic novels (started hopefully, definitely not finished since that could take a long time).

Werewolves in Space novel (started at least.)

Chwedl novel (started).

Two more as yet unnamed and undecided short stories (my goal is to write at least 4 a year along with a novel every year).

(Why yes, I do love me the multi-tasking, why do you ask?)

3 Responses to “Writing Projects Update”

  1. greenpainter

    Sorry to post twice, but what in the hell is Werewolves in Space about? (If you don’t mind my asking.) Sounds interesting.

  2. izanobu

    S’ok. Werewolves in Space, or otherwise known as Predators, is actually not about werewolves in space. There is only one werewolf the whole story, at least as I envision it now.

    The premise of the novel is that a group of macrobiologists go to a newly discovered planet to map different behaviors and patterns of the predators so that humans can colonize if it isn’t too dangerous. If a planet is ruled too hazardous, then the planet will be consigned to mining and resource gathering operations instead of permanent settling. A large resources company has paid off one member of the team to sabotage the data and help them win the argument that the planet should go to them. Meanwhile, team members figure out bad things are happening for a reason and most of them get killed but three escape onto the planet surface. One of these people is secretly a werewolf (technically a shapeshifter since he doesn’t rely on any lunar cycles etc).
    So that’s the basic set up. I jokingly explained it to friends as “werewolves in space” and it stuck.

  3. Roy

    Sounds cool. Good luck!

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