Level Grind


It’s here! Release day for the new omnibus paperback and hardcover(!!!) editions of The Twenty-Sided Sorceress. Books 1-4 are collected here in Level Grind, with 5-7 to come in January in Boss Fight.

The book should be available in your local bookstore, but if you want to order online, here are some handy links:

Powell’s Books (my local bookstore, and I’m going to go sign some stock, so there’s always a chance of grabbing a signed copy)

Barnes & Noble website



Tribes: Harper’s Tale is coming in a couple weeks, Dungeon Crawl (book 8 of 20sided) by Christmas.  Meanwhile, enjoy the awesome paperbacks! They’ll make a nice set.

2 Responses to “Level Grind”

  1. Mike Fox

    Looking forward to the next books in the series.

    Since presumably Samir has a lair somewhere with all kinds of books and interesting objects, I’m hoping we’ll see some stories that spin out of her looting his stuff, which she hadn’t done at the end of book 7 since she’s low on funds. Just selling stuff to the Archivist should keep her in funds for a while

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