Novel Writing Overdrive!

I’ve just been reminded that I need to have my novel for the Novel Workshop in October done by September 10th.  Glancing at the calendar, that’s really not very far away at all. Meep.

This wouldn’t be nearly as much of an issue as it seems like if I’d finished the novel I am currently working on (which is very nearly done, I’m over the middle hump but desperately trying to figure out how to make it long enough).  See, I don’t want to workshop *this* novel in October.  I want to workshop the one I intend to write after the current novel.

You know, that novel that I haven’t even started yet.  Oh, I have characters outlined, and a rough idea of what happens. And sort of the setting.  And I did some research, if you can call reading a few westerns and watching Deadwood and Silverado again “research”.  But hey! Who doesn’t love a challenge, right?

So it is time to go into novel writing OVERDRIVE!  You know, that magical “extra” gear that really tough people are supposed to have. Or race cars, or something.  Counting prior social obligations and leaving Saturdays free for “hi, still married” time, I have exactly twenty one writing days until September 10th.  21. Days. That’s like three weeks. Awesome.

Not a problem. Right?  So my goal will be five thousand 6250 words a day on each of those twenty one days.  This pace should give me two finished novels.  At least if I totally fail it I have the first finished novel as my back-up for the workshop.  But I’m not going to fail.  Even with a pinched nerve in my shoulder, I can probably find 4-5 6-7 hours a day for twenty one days to you know, do my job.  (I was almost at this pace before Starcraft 2 pwned my life).

And the plus side is that will leave me with the 10th through the 30th to actually write something for WotF fourth quarter.

Well, time to put the writing into overdrive.  Just think of it as my writer-fu leveling up. A lot.

6 Responses to “Novel Writing Overdrive!”

  1. Ben Godby

    Word: sometimes, you’ve just got to level.


  2. Marina J. Lostetter

    You can do it, just utilize mitosis and split yourself into twice the workforce 😉

    • izanobu

      Noooo! Not mitosis! the mitochondria will rebel! (Never played Eve 2? I think that is the game where the mitochondria rebel and start morphing people into monsters and such).

      Two of me would be nice on the writing front, but I’d probably kill myself after about an hour. I can barely live with one of me 😉 Also, if I had a second me, I’d assign different projects and still be stuck writing 1.5 novels in 21 days.

  3. Thomas K Carpenter

    *cracks whip*

    Did you get your 5k words in today? ;p

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