Quickie July Summary

Final week of Clarion is upon me.  I’ll have my post-Clarion wrap-up post (and Kickstarter project book update) AFTER I get home and find out what sleeping in a real bed is like again.

So here’s some number for July (that’s the reason you are here, right? Dirty little numbers):

Ebooks sold- 103

Free ebooks “sold”- 3,257

Print books sold- 1

Words written- approximately 29,275

Stories sold- 0

So yeah. That’s my sad stats.  So far I’ve written 8 stories at Clarion so far with two more on deck this week (one will be workshopped, one will just go into the project book) and maybe one more started this week so that I can slot it into the project book if I need to.

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  1. Thomas K. Carpenter

    Thanks again for reporting your stats, Annie. I find it useful to see how you’re doing since we really dipped into these indie thing around the same time.

    How did the free ebook thing help your novels and other stories? I’m already seeing movement on my sales with Digital Sea and Gamers from making a few lead in stories free. So far Sagan’s Law is #2 on the Sci-Fi free ebook list and The Cageless Zoo is #5 (#110 and #125 overall on free ebooks, respectively.) I’m really curious to see how many sales that translates to on my novels (I added sample chapters on the end of each one.)


    • izanobu

      As far as I can tell, it has had zero effect on novel sales. But… I have one novel up and it is a fantasy novel, while my novella is a near-future SF story. I didn’t really expect it to bump sales of the novel. Free has bumped sales of the novella itself though, and my hope is that people will get around to actually reading it and buy my short story collection (the SF one) which I put a blurb about in the back of the novella. So far, that hasn’t turned out to be the case, but I think that more of those thousands of downloads will read the free thing after a while, so maybe there will be a trickle effect.

      I do plan to use temporarily free things as promotion in the future. I’m going to try it next with the first book in a series, putting the whole series up at once so that three more books are available which are clearly in same series.

      The moral of this tale is that I really need to put more novels up. I have five novels in the works that will hopefully be up by December. I also have 3 short story collections that are almost ready to go. So I am praying that this holiday season is big for me.

  2. Amy McLane

    Hey Annie, I think it’s really clever what you’re doing with your stat tracking- in fact, I decided to give your blog an award. You can pick it up here http://wp.me/psAeI-1ri

    Have fun at Clarion- it’s a lifechanger!

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