Quickie Update for November

My NaNo rebel project is not going well. I’m stuck trying to figure out if this story needs to be told in 1st or in 3rd person.  So I’ve switched back to the novel (the sequel to A Heart in Sun and Shadow).  I’ve never written a sequel before. It’s tough writing one for a book that is published, too.  I can’t change details that were set in the first novel, so I’m constantly having to recheck the older book for things.  I think I might take a couple hours today and make a quickie world bible or at least a list with the relevant details.  I wrote the first book before I’d really nailed down how I prefer to write novels and I have zero cohesive character notes or world notes at all (which is something I started doing AFTER I wrote this one).  It’s odd to go back and look at a work that I did a couple years ago.

In other news, I sold another story to Daily SF.  This is my tenth fiction sale in less than two years (first sale was in December of 2009).  Five of those have been to Daily SF. I guess it is true, you just have to find an editor who loves what you write and then sell them as much as you can. I’m glad so many stories of mine have found a home with Daily SF. They are a great publication (delivered to your email! Go subscribe! /end plug).


Oh, and I crossed the 1,000 books sold mark for my e-books.  Hopefully the next 1k doesn’t take quite as long, but it is definitely a mile-stone.

So that is what’s up with me.  Now, where did I put that outline? Back to writing!

3 Responses to “Quickie Update for November”

  1. Thomas K. Carpenter

    I’m with you on the writing sequels issue. I finished two “book twos” this year and it was challenging for the reasons you outlined. I really wanted to go back and change a few minor details to support the new direction, but I had to work around it.

    And now that I’m working on the final book of a trilogy, I’m learning about all sorts of new problems. I’ve rewritten my outline three times as I realize problems or find better ways to tell the story. It’s hard to bring the whole story up another level, keep the characters the same (while growing), show the reader new things and wrap up the storylines in a satisfying way for both me and the reader.


    And grats again on the sales (both to DSF and ebooks)! You deserve success for all your hard work!

    w00t ;p


  2. Scott W. Baker

    Congratz on the DSF sale! All of them, for that matter. I was looking at their ToC for December and I recognized a name two days after my story! We’re DSF week-mates!

    1000 ebooks? Nice milestone.

    • izanobu

      I saw your name, too! And one of my Clarion peeps is in that month with us.

      Thanks. It’s been an interesting couple of years, eh? I feel like I’ve come a huge long way from the newb hanging out on the Clarion West forum back in 2009, wishing she could get in to that (kinda glad I didn’t, because I like the direction my life went afterward).

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