Science Fiction Novelette

I have a near-future, hard science fiction novelette on sale now.

Ian and Jack Talley and the Prometheus Space Program set a record for the fastest manned flight to Jupiter. But the journey ended in disaster, crippling Jack and killing the rest of the team.
Ten years later, an eccentric multi-billionaire offers them all of his money, and a second chance, if they’ll fly him to Pluto. The Talley brothers reunite their team, ready to rekindle the dream of manned space flight. But self-doubts and technological issues both old and new appear, leaving the question open: are they making history? Or repeating it? And finding the answers could cost them far more than the Prometheus program.

Here’s the links to buy- (it’s only $1.99!)  Kindle (which hilariously has a reversed cover image, that will be fixed soon), Nook, and pretty much all other formats.

Now, back to writing this novel.  Enjoy!

5 Responses to “Science Fiction Novelette”

  1. Ben Godby

    Annie, your cover art is amazing. The only reason I haven’t bought your ebooks yet is because I don’t buy any books – regular or “e” (I get everything from the library – and, yes, I realize the inherent hypocrisy). But I just wanted to say how awesome I think they look; they look very, very professional.

    Good luck with the ebooks!

    • izanobu

      Thanks, Ben.
      And hey, I love my local library. I get a ton of books out every year (though I’ve fallen off doing that since I got my Kindle… I just keep insta-buying them instead now). Libraries are great 🙂

  2. Brad R. Torgersen

    Covers that kick ass… Wow.

  3. Amanda McCarter

    Love, love, love, LOVE your covers. I will be grabbing this as soon as I catch up on my reading.

  4. Samuel Mae

    Very shiny, Annie!

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