Two Sales and an Interview

It’s nice to have good news for once coming in multiples.  Most of the neo-pro writing life is being told no in varying ways, over and over and over.  It’s good to hear a yes on occasion.  It’s even better in pairs *grin*

So. A couple sales to announce.  First is a reprint sale of my story “No Spaceships Go” (originally appeared in Daily SF in Dec 2010).  The wonderful people at Scape– The e-zine of YA speculative fiction loved it so much they want it even though they don’t normally do reprinted fiction.  So soon it will be available there as well.

Second sale is an as-yet-untitled story for the anthology Mirror Shards: Exploring the Edges of Augmented Reality (Volume One) being edited by my writer friend Tom Carpenter at Black Moon Books.  The anthology is open to submissions until July, so get on it if you have an augmented reality story idea.

And finally, another interview for my indie-publishing side (I’m like the Hybrid Author of Doom here I guess) is up on Indie Reads.  You can find the interview here.

Whew. Now back to the grind.

4 Responses to “Two Sales and an Interview”

  1. Matthew Rotundo

    Yay! Congrats, Annie!

  2. amkuska

    Congratulations! Perhaps the money from the sales could be used for Clarion?

  3. amkuska

    Annie, I’m adding this in a seperate comment so you can delete it if you’d rather not have it cluttering up your blog, but I’d like to invite you to the launch party for my E-book on the 17th of April. 🙂 It’ll be going on all day on my blog, and the posts will remain afterwards. I’d just like to see you there.

    I think my name link sends you to the wordpress website. The actual blog is at

    Hope to see you there. I truly admire you as a writer and would love to have you. 🙂

    • izanobu

      Thanks! I’ll try to drop by your blog on the 17th, but I’m going to be in a week-long intensive craft workshop (focusing on character voice) for the whole week starting on Sat, so I don’t know how much I’ll be on the internet. Good luck with your book launch if I can’t manage to drop in 🙂

      (And yes, the money from at least the anthology sale will all go toward Clarion. All my money made from writing at this point goes right back into my writing one way or another 🙂 )

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