Writers of the Future Q3 Results

The first Honorable Mention list for 2010 Q3 has been posted here: http://www.writersofthefuture.com/node/636

My name is on it.  Got a very nice email notifying me (first time I’ve gotten an email for just an Honorable Mention).

It would be lying to say I’m not disappointed.  I really, really like the story I submitted for Q3 and think it’s one of the strongest I’ve written.  It’s also novelette length, which means there’s a shorter market list for it.  And near-future hard sci/fi, which makes that list even shorter.  But it is back out to another market now, so here’s hoping it fares better among the magazines than it did in the contest.

Good luck to anyone who hasn’t heard yet (or got the phone call), and best wishes and e-hugs to those of us now looking ahead to Q4.

11 Responses to “Writers of the Future Q3 Results”

  1. Jeff @ Dark Elms

    Congratulations! I’m still waiting for my Q3 results.

  2. Ben Godby

    Congrats, Annie! An honourable mention is better than no mention at all! (wink wink)


  3. Amanda McCarter

    We’ve had this discussion before. Unfortunately, it’s very tight at the top and K.D. is having to cut it closer and closer every quarter. I’m sure it will sell somewhere else. And if not, e-pub!

  4. Dawn

    I understand the need. I do. You’ll get there. Just don’t lose hope or faith in the meantime.

  5. thomaskcarpenter

    While I’m happy with my HM, I also agree with you Annie. The contest is fantastic and I’ll try to win it every quarter I’m eligible (which I’m still wildly eligible with zero total pro sales), my long term goal like yours is to be a professional writer and also like you, I’m pushing hard to get there. So anything less than a win is essentially, disappointing, because a win is the only way for the contest to contribute to my career (ignoring all the intangible benefits of meeting cool people like yourselves and studying the anthologies, etc.)

    However, that being said, I’m also happy with my HM. Strange duality there, but it exists. It also helps that an HM was as high as I thought this story would get. It, like the others I’ve sent, are not really the type of stories I’ve read in the anthologies. The next quarter will be the first one I’ve sent in a story I think fits the market and I have exceedingly high expectations for it.

    I won’t jump off a bridge if it doesn’t make it, but I will be disappointed. And I think that’s where you’re coming from Annie. I get it.

    So damn the HMs! Let’s crush ’em next quarter! 🙂

    • izanobu

      Yeah, exactly, Tom. I had really high hopes for this story in particular. Next quarter marks my first time submitting fantasy to the contest, so who knows? 😛

  6. thomaskcarpenter

    Who ever gets a higher result for Q4 has to buy the other a lunch one day at the Feb workshops. Deal? We’ll call it a pity reward. ;p

    And if the unthinkable happens, then it’ll be a celebration lunch.

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