Book 4 Cover Revealed!

The Twenty-Sided Sorceress book 4, Hunting Season, has a cover now, thanks to the epically talented Ravven.

I’m also experimenting with pre-orders on Amazon for this book, so it’ll technically be available for purchase (as a pre-order, which means you aren’t charged until it comes out AND it will automatically beam down into your Kindle or Kindle App on release day) before book 3 comes out, which is a little weird, but publishing is a weird business.

So yes, release dates!

Pack of Lies, book 3, will be the first full-length book in the series (all books going forward in this series will be full-length novels) and releases on October 14th.

Hunting Season, book 4, releases on December 9th. You can pre-order it on Amazon if you so desire.

Book 5 is TBA but won’t be out until 2015, probably early spring.

5 Responses to “Book 4 Cover Revealed!”

  1. Michelle Proulx

    Gorgeous cover! Then again, everything done by Ravven is gorgeous, lol. The unicorn in the background is especially intriguing. Side note: apparently the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn. Does your book take place in Scotland? 😀

  2. Sue W.

    But where can I get Book 3?? It’s not on Amazon, although yes, Book 4 is available for pre-order. Gotta read 3 first!

  3. Sue W.

    Thank you! I will look for it. Just read (for FREE at Amazon for Kindle!) Witch Hunt. Loved it! Looking at splurging on the omnibus now. 🙂

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