5 Responses to “Have Some Shiny”

  1. Jeff Ambrose

    Looks awesome, Annie. Congrats!

    Not surprisingly, after the Char. Voice & Setting workshop, I’ve been super busy, too. Isn’t this New World wonderful?

  2. chroniclesofcovent

    Beautifully done map! I’ll have to look for some more of your work. And tell the author he’s got some great fantasy name. I’m convinced that the art of fantasy naming has been lost for the last decade.

    • chroniclesofcovent

      Should be plural for fantasy names. Sorry, I’m kind of a stickler on myself.

      • izanobu

        Thanks. Jared Blando did the map from sketches I made for myself for reference while writing the series. Fantasy names are tricky. Fortunately, the Gryphonpike Chronicles are meant to be both an homage to and poke a little fun at D&D fantasy tropes, so naming for them was a ton of fun.

  3. chroniclesofcovent

    Well great job on the naming and the world-building! It appears I mixed you two up. ; )

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